Allahabad University: 153 teachers of colleges will soon be called professors.

College teachers affiliated with Allahabad University will soon get the designation of professor. The process for this is in the final stages. About 153 teachers from 11 affiliated colleges of IVV are in the race for promotion. Interviews for this have started. Till now, interviews have been completed in 12 subjects, while 12 subjects are to be held. It is expected that the interviews will be completed by February. After the approval of the Vice Chancellor, the envelopes will be opened in the Governing Body meeting of the college.

At present, the associate professors working in 11 constituent colleges of IVU have been waiting to become professors for a long time and many have even retired in this wait. For the first time, the teachers of the colleges met the then Vice Chancellor Prof. The form was filled in 2019 during the tenure of RL Hanglu. Pro. This process stopped after Hanglu’s departure. Vice Chancellor Prof. When Sangeeta Srivastava took charge, the process gained momentum. About 153 teachers are in the race to become professors. Chairman of the College Consolidation Committee and Principal of Ishwar Sharan Degree College, Prof. Anand Shankar Singh told that after the completion of the screening work after a long process, the interview starts.

About 153 teachers will get promotion under Career Advance Scheme (Cash) in 24 subjects. For this, interviews have been completed so far in 12 subjects. The interview process is being conducted in the guest house of the university.