CBSE Board: Now parents' feedback will also be included in children's report card.

Now parents’ feedback will also be included in the children’s report card. Teachers and parents will share the responsibility for the overall development of children. Just saying that the child is good or bad at studies will not help. Evidence will also have to be kept for this. Overall, it will be the responsibility to create complete understanding in the child and make him perfect, so that he can perform better in future classes.

Under the new education policy, the new pattern of evaluation is to be implemented from the next session. For this, teachers have been trained and guide books have been prepared for them. They were told how to prepare the syllabus and how to work accordingly to advance the children. Holistic Progress Card has to be prepared.

In this way the overall evaluation will be completed
Two prototypes have been developed at the foundational stage. Holistic Progress Card Foundational Stage (Age Group 03 to 06 years) and Holistic Progress Card Grades One and Two. This card will help in documenting the child’s progress in a regular and constructive manner with a focus on age specified competencies. The cards will include input from the child, his peers as well as his parents. This will allow 360 degree assessment of the child.

Board released guide books
The board has released teacher guidelines for grades 01 and 02 in general. It was told what the role of the teacher would be. How to give him personal attention with the syllabus. Along with personality development, skills of reading, writing and speaking will also be included in it. Like abroad, more attention will be given to numeracy (numerical knowledge). With this, the child will be able to become a better performer at the language level and in mathematics from the beginning.

Good start for CBSE
According to Sardar Balwinder Singh, local co-ordinator of CBSE schools, these efforts are being made under the new education policy. The board is already working on this. His school Guru Nanak Modern School was also selected, where it was implemented as an experiment and has been successful. Now it is to be started in all schools. Teachers will get training for this. The board has also released a guidebook. Its objective is to eliminate the fear of studies from children and to provide stress free education.