If you are sure of getting a job, then know how to answer the last question, woman shared tips

Job interview tips: Every candidate has his own personal experiences during the job interview, today we are going to tell you about a woman who has claimed that the job always fell in her lap after answering the last question asked in the job interview. Comes in. Let us know what was the last question he was asked and what was his answer?

Catherine Lockhart from Texas claims that she never fails when it comes to interviews. While sharing a video on her Instagram, she said, girls who want to give interview for corporate job should know how to answer the question asked at the end of the interview.

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When a candidate goes for an interview for any job, after the question-answer round the interviewer is asked, ‘Do you have anything you would like to ask us? and “How do you see excellence in the position you are applying for?

Candidates should always be prepared for these questions and it is wise to think of their answers in advance. The interviewer has been asking you questions for the last half an hour, so by asking such questions they want to know how serious the candidate is about the job.

Catherine says that, after answering this question, she never faces failure. In such a situation, candidates should answer this question in such a way that the employer wants.

Katherine suggested, whenever the interviewer asks you ‘Do you have anything you would like to ask us?’ So you can ask them “What do they like most about their job?” Asking questions like this will make the interviewer feel that you are curious about the position and want to know more about the job.

When asked, “How do you see excellence in the position for which you are applying?”, it means that the interviewer is giving you an opportunity to explain to them what the position is for. What would you do well in what you are applying for? On the basis of which they come to know that you are serious about performing better than their expectations.

When you give your answer honestly, your answer signals to the interviewer that you are thinking about your growth in the job. Which is the identity of a good employee.

Along with this, he advised that during the interview, always present yourself as you are. Don’t try to appear false. By doing this you may lose your job.