IIT: Under the National Education Policy in the new year, studies in other courses including BTech will start from the first semester.

The new year 2024 will be special in many ways for IIT ISM Dhanbad. In the new year, the focus will be on National Education Policy 2020. From this year itself, the course structure prepared under NEP will be started from the first semester in other courses including B.Tech. IIT Dhanbad has started preparations for this. Gradually the National Education Policy 2020 will be implemented in various semesters and courses. In the new year, IIT ISM is proposing to start a Renewable Energy Center to the Jharkhand Government. The institute hopes that with the cooperation of the state government, it will get approval from the state government to start this center in the IIT campus in the new year.

The foundation stone of the Century Building will be laid, the cost will be Rs 140 crore. The centenary of the then Indian School of Mines, i.e. present day IIT ISM, established on 9 December 1926, is being completed in 2026. Century building will be constructed on the occasion of centenary year. This building will be next to the Petroleum Engineering Building. Preparations are on to lay its foundation stone in the new year 2024 itself so that it can be completely prepared in the next two years. Funds are being collected for this on behalf of former students. The slogan of 100 years 100 crores has been given. More than 300 research scholars have so far been enrolled for PhD. IIT ISM is considering this as a better sign. The building constructed in front of IIT Main Gate will now be known as Multi Purpose Building. Incubation facility and other facilities will be available there.
Various banks have also been given rooms in the said building.

Teacher appointment process will start in January

The shortage of teachers in IIT ISM can be fulfilled to a great extent in the year 2024. The process of interview for appointment of teachers will start in the beginning of the new year i.e. in January itself. In many departments, personnel and officers have been appointed for many non-teaching posts in other departments including non-teaching staff. The remaining process for some posts is now in the final stage.

NEP is going to be implemented from the first year in the year 2024. There will be changes in the course structure. Its preparation has started. Preparations are on to lay the foundation stone of the Century Building in the new year. – Pro. Dheeraj Kumar, Deputy Director, IIT Dhanbad