MPPSC: MP PSC changed its policy, now Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission will give marks for deleted questions.

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission has changed the policy of delete questions in all its recruitment examinations. Now MPPSC will give full marks of deleted questions to the candidates. Till now, if any question was deleted in the examination, then its marks were deducted and the result was prepared on the basis of total marks of remaining questions. For example, an exam is of 100 marks and five questions of one mark each are deleted. So in the earlier policy the result would be based on 95 marks, but now in the new policy the result will be based on full 100 marks only. All candidates will get full marks for five questions of 5 marks each. Its benefit will be given to those candidates who have solved more questions.

The Commission has taken this decision in the meeting held on Monday. The Commission has taken this decision to avoid continuing controversies. The Commission had to make this change in the rule in view of the controversies of the past.

The Commission had asked a question on Quit India Movement in the State Services Preliminary Examination-2022. There was controversy over its dates. The Commission deleted the question. Its marks were also removed. After this, all the candidates filed petition in the High Court. Candidates accused of deleting questions and deducting marks despite having correct answers. Also said that due to deduction of marks they are being thrown out of the competition.

Three PSC exams next month

After the elections are over, three examinations of the Commission will be conducted one after the other in December. The candidates are demanding to extend the date of examinations, but the Commission has refused. PSC said that the examinations will be held on time only. The main examination of State Forest Service Examination 2022 will be held from December 10. State Services Preliminary Examination 2023 will be held on 17th December. After this, the State Service Main Examination 2022 will start from 26th December.