Music and dance artists will take classes in CBSE schools

Artists of music, dance, drama and other arts will take classes in CBSE schools. This decision has been taken under Learning Through Art Integration for the session 2024-25. Schools doing better will join CBSE’s Center of Excellence. Different arts will be taught to the children of CBSE schools through these expert artists and teachers. The schedule has been released from April 1, 2024 to March 30, 2025. All school directors have been instructed regarding this. Will upload the school record of the class.

This is how schools will work. CBSE has directed to implement ‘Arts Integrated Learning’. It is said that arts integration in teaching nurtures creativity. Encourages students for free expression, out-of-the-box thinking and innovation. Art integrated teaching and learning helps in the overall development of students. Their emotional, social and cognitive problems are solved. In view of the overall development of the students, it has been adopted as the theme of the academic session 2024-25.

Student Level Workshops:

The school will conduct art based workshops and activities for the students on art integrated methods in various art forms like audio-visual arts, music, drama and dance etc.

community involvement:

To encourage participation of parents and local community, schools will organize exhibitions and interactive sessions to showcase artistic talents.

National Conference:

A national conference on the theme ‘Arts Integrated Learning’ is scheduled to be organized by the Board in Madurai, (Tamil Nadu) in October-November. The schools that do better will go there.