Names of 23 lakh children excluded from schools will also be removed from Medha Soft, confused due to not getting benefits of schemes

Names of 23 lakh children were deleted from schools but their names are available on Medha Soft portal. Instructions have been given to the district officials to identify such children to remove it. The enrollment of these children has been canceled due to continuous absence in government schools in the state. Now his name will also be removed from Medha Soft. Orders have been given to identify these children and send their names within a week. Secondary Education Director cum Nodal Officer DBT Cell Kanhaiya Prasad Srivastava has issued instructions in this regard.

By identifying those students whose enrollment has been canceled for the financial year 2023-24, a facility has been made available to remove them from Medha Soft within a week. Most of the names of children from East Champaran and West Champaran have been deleted in the state. In Muzaffarpur district, names of more than one lakh children will be removed from Medha Soft and they will not get the benefit of any kind of school schemes. More than 1.73 crore entries have been made on Medha Soft in the state, but after removing the names, now the final list will be released.

So many names will be removed from Medha Soft
Gaya: 81377, P. Champaran: 138494, Patna: 100728, East Champaran: 145666, Vaishali: 134268, Sitamarhi: 89349, Samastipur: 90626, Darbhanga: 92899.

Confusion: How will you get benefits if your name is added on the basis of affidavit?
Headmasters of various schools said that as per the instructions of the department, enrollment of children who are continuously absent has to be cancelled, but if the parents give an affidavit that now their child will come to school regularly, then their name has to be added. Now the name will be removed from Medha Soft, but if the name is added then these children will be deprived of the benefits of all the schemes. Most schools are confused about this. DEO Ajay Kumar Singh said that all headmasters have been ordered to provide the list of children whose names have been struck off.