New York State has the best baseball city in the United States

New York City, renowned for its vibrant culture and rich history, has added another feather to its cap by being named America’s top baseball city. This prestigious recognition comes after an extensive comparison of 334 U.S. cities by WalletHub, a financial advisory website. The cities were evaluated based on 31 key metrics encompassing the realm of baseball, which included the performance level of teams, average ticket price, and stadium accessibility​​​​​​.

What makes New York City stand out in the baseball world is its all-around excellence in various categories. Although the Los Angeles Dodgers boasted the best performance level and Phoenix, Arizona, claimed the lowest average season ticket price for MLB games, New York City demonstrated a remarkable dominance in almost every other aspect. This comprehensive performance earned the city an overall score of 57.49 for MLB fan-friendliness, also securing its place as the 11th best hub for NCAA fans​​​​.

The methodology behind this ranking involved an array of data sources including ESPN, MLB Advanced Media, the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, and the NCAA, ensuring a thorough and unbiased assessment of each city’s baseball credentials​​.

However, not all cities in New York fared as well as the Big Apple. Ithaca and Poughkeepsie, for instance, found themselves in the bottom 10 of WalletHub’s list, ranking as some of the worst cities for baseball fans in the nation. Other cities in the state like Albany, New Rochelle, and Syracuse also scored relatively low. On the brighter side, Binghamton was recognized as the third best small city for baseball fans​​.

The state’s representation in the National Baseball Hall of Fame further cements its status in baseball history, with 33 members born in New York, more than any other state​​. Despite a challenging 2023 MLB season for New York’s teams, where both the Yankees and Mets underperformed, fans still found moments of joy and positive storylines at Citi Field and Yankee Stadium​​.

These findings and rankings not only highlight New York City’s deep-rooted connection with baseball but also invite a discussion on what makes a city truly great for baseball enthusiasts. Whether it’s the performance of professional teams, the availability and cost of attending games, or the historical significance of the sport in the area, New York City seems to have struck an impressive balance, making it a premier destination for baseball fans.