Recognition of these 40 colleges of Bihar cancelled, students will not be able to avail the benefits of credit card scheme

Bihar’s Aryabhatta Knowledge University (AKU) has canceled the recognition of 40 colleges simultaneously. This has happened for the first time. The recognition of so many colleges had never been canceled before. The previous officials had given affiliation to many colleges ignoring the rules and regulations. After investigation, the recognition of these colleges has been cancelled. Also, the benefit of Student Credit Card Scheme will not be available in the name of these colleges. Its notification was issued on Thursday. University officials said that the recognition of 40 colleges has been cancelled. Many colleges were running on paper. There was not even enrollment in many colleges.

After investigation the reality of these 40 colleges came to light. This issue has been taken up in the court meeting of the university. Green signal was given to cancel the recognition in the court meeting. More than 80 colleges affiliated with AKU were not getting the benefit of students credit card for the last one and a half year. Due to which the students were very upset. After the decision of DRCC in the court meeting, students and parents heaved a sigh of relief. Many AKU affiliated college administrations have appreciated the benefits of the Student Credit Card.

Enrolled students will not be able to fill the form
Students enrolled in 40 colleges whose recognition has been canceled from Aryabhatta Knowledge University will not be able to fill the examination form. University Registrar Dr. Rajiv Ranjan said that now there will be no examination for the students of these colleges. The recognition of these colleges will also not be restored. During investigation it was found that the condition of these colleges was not good.

Now colleges will have to seek recognition every year

Students of more than 60 colleges, who are pending from the session 2022-23, will now get the amount of Student Credit Card by DRCC. Its decision has been taken in the court meeting. With this, now all the educational institutions affiliated with AKU will be given recognition for only one year. Recognition will not be given for three years. All educational institutions will be allowed a single enrollment session. Here, Vice Chancellor Prof. Rameshwar Singh said that the process of 40 colleges had not been completed. Their recognition has been cancelled. The annual budget has been agreed upon with the DRCC in the AKU court meeting.