Safety Equipment To Have On Hand When Making Wholesale Candles

Safety equipment can be beneficial for all candle makers, whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional. The safety gear you wear when making candles helps protect you from hot wax burns and scalding liquids. Consider buying candle making supplies from a reputable supplier who can offer safety advice and equipment. Here are several pieces of safety equipment to have on hand when making wholesale candles:


Wearing gloves protects your hands from hot wax and liquids when making candles. Choose gloves that fit well and are made of heat-resistant materials like silicone. Acquire enough pieces to change them frequently, especially if you are making large batches of candles. Clean the gloves thoroughly after each use to remove spilled wax and promote good hygiene.

Depending on how often you make candles, you may need to replace worn-out gloves to maintain their effectiveness. You can also add disposable gloves to your list of candle making supplies. Disposable gloves provide a barrier against colorful dyes used during candle making, protecting your hands and reusable gloves from stains.


Consider wearing an apron when making homemade candles. Aprons prevent the wax from staining clothing if accidentally spilled. They are typically designed to be worn over clothes, protecting them from substances that can stain or damage the fabric. Aprons come in different materials, including cotton, plastic, rubber, and vinyl. They can also have varying lengths and levels of coverage. Bib aprons protect the front of the body, while waist aprons cover from the waist down.

Safety Glasses

Safety glasses help with eye protection when making candles. They can protect the eyes from melted wax, steam, and splashes of dyes or chemicals. Choose glasses that fit well and provide full coverage for both eyes. Clean them after each use with mild soap and water to remove any wax or debris buildup. To prevent scratches or damage, store the glasses in a clean, dry protective case.

Fire Extinguisher

While candle making is generally a safe activity, it involves working with hot wax, open flames, and potentially flammable materials. Accidents, such as spills or flammable materials coming into contact with a heat source, can pose a fire risk. A fire extinguisher can help extinguish flames and prevent them from spreading.

When choosing a fire extinguisher for your workspace, confirm the suitability for fires caused by wax and oil. Multi-purpose dry chemical fire extinguishers typically use a dry chemical powder that is effective for various types of fires. Read the instructions to familiarize yourself with using the extinguisher and place it in a readily accessible location near your candle making workspace.


A thermometer is a tool for monitoring the temperature of candle wax to prevent overheating or combustion. Different types of wax have specific melting and pouring temperatures. Maintaining the correct temperature makes sure the wax is in an optimal state for safe pouring. Professional wax heating and melting equipment may come with a built-in thermometer or have space for a separate one to be attached. Use the correct type of thermometer for the size and scale of your wax melting project.

Respirator Mask

If you’re working with large amounts of fragrance oils or dyes, a respirator mask can help filter out fumes and particles. This can help protect your airways from potentially irritating vapors. Look for a mask with adjustable straps or bands to achieve a snug fit on your face. Some respirator masks feature an exhalation valve, allowing for easier breathing and reducing heat and moisture buildup. This can enhance comfort during extended use. If you wear eyeglasses or safety glasses during candle making, make sure the respirator mask is compatible and does not interfere with the fit of your eyewear.

Closed-toe Shoes

Wearing closed-toe shoes during candle making protects your feet from potential hazards in the workspace. Closed-toe shoes provide a barrier of protection against accidental contact with hot wax, spills, or splatters. They can also help minimize the risk of injuries caused by dropping or stepping on sharp items like scissors, utility knives, or metal candle molds.

Invest in Quality Candle Making Supplies

Investing in the proper candle making supplies and safety equipment, such as gloves and aprons, can help protect you while making wholesale candles. Safety glasses can help shield your eyes from hazards, and gloves protect your hands from hot wax or chemicals. Get suitable candle making supplies from a reliable supplier to safeguard your health and workspace.