The Trending LV Crossbody Bag Trend: How It Evolved for 2024

The Crossbody Bag is here to stay for Australian Winter 24, and we for one are grateful. Nothing looks, or feels, better than a hands-free statement piece, which explains why the crossbody bag from 2023 is carrying over to 2024. With Australian Fashion Week rapidly approaching, Louis Vuitton is taking a deep dive into how the crossbody bags trends have been upgraded for 2024, and what we can expect to see on the runway. Whatever Louis Vuitton you’re carrying to the Australian Fashion Show, we want to help you make sure it’s on-trend

Bijoux Bags

Quiet luxury is still having its moment on the runway for 2024, but glittery accessories will overrun the show – only —they’ll adorn your bag, not you. 2024 runways will be an ASMR-friendly event! Think crystals, sparks, lots of gold, charms and watches. 

Our handbags will be the wearing charm bracelets for the winter season, even a watch or two! This extravagant trend will be seen adorning your favourite staple, the Trending LV cross-body bag

Look towards Louis Vuitton Marellini and CarryAll Cargo crossbody bags for this trend.


We will be held captive, like the LV 2024 Fall Runway Show by the trend of chain hardware on our handbags. Chains are bringing a riotous mood to a luxury classic crossbody bag. Louis Vuitton’s oversized chain strap Coussin bags have reached in peak embracing the chain trend of 2024.

Odd Shapes

Add some excitement with the odd shape – think distorted proportions and objects to out-of-the-box designs, designers are having fun with shape and size.

Ice Blue

Think Sydney Sweeney’s icy blue dress in Anyone But You – the film stole our hearts and has found its way into our bag trends of 2024.

Round Bags

Spherical and round bags will be huge as well in 2024 as they were at the end of last year. Louis Vuitton has embarrassed this trend with more compact circle bags like the one below.

Luxury Cardholders

As for what we put in our LV Crossbody bags, look no further than our luxury cardholders. We think our Flora Card Holder would be the perfect charm bag accessory.