UP Police Constable Exam: Paper leak issue gaining momentum, candidates gave memorandum to the board

UP Police Constable Exam: The issue of alleged paper leak in the constable recruitment examination conducted by Uttar Pradesh Police Recruitment and Promotion Board is gaining momentum. On one hand, candidates are protesting demanding cancellation of the examination, while on the other hand, opposition parties have also opened a front on this issue. On Friday, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi and General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi, in their post on ‘X’, have put the state government in the dock on this issue. Also demanded a CBI inquiry.

The Recruitment Board had given the candidates a chance to submit their representations with evidence and proof through e-mail till 6 pm on Friday. The board says that it will take a decision in the interest of the candidates after examining the representation. Meanwhile, a seven-member delegation of candidates met the recruitment board officials on Friday and submitted a memorandum. He says that along with the memorandum, evidence of question paper leak has also been given. According to the candidates, the board has assured to take appropriate action after investigation.

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi, in his post on Are. In typical Banarasi style, Modiji is narrating the condition of his maternal grandmother to his grandmother.

On the other hand, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi made two separate posts on this matter. He said that Congress had introduced recruitment legislation in UP, in which provisions were made to stop paper leaks and corruption in recruitment. In view of the paper leak crisis, we demand that there should be a CBI inquiry into both the recent paper leak incidents and strict action should be taken against the culprits. He said that an examination calendar should be issued in which the dates of advertisement, examination and appointment should be recorded and strict action should be taken if it is violated.

To prevent corruption in reservation along with recruitment, social justice observers should be appointed, to restore the confidence of the youth, all examination forms should be made free and youth should be provided free buses and trains to take the examinations. Priyanka Gandhi said in another post that just think once – more than 50 lakh youth filled the form. This was the biggest test in the history of the state. One form was for Rs 400, 48 lakh admit cards were issued and the paper was leaked before the exam. What must the children be going through? On their families? Same thing happened in RO exam. The paper got leaked. He said that this discussion is taking place in every village of UP. The government is sleeping.

Boys and girls are shouting and protesting from Allahabad to Lucknow and demanding re-examination. The government is humiliating them and beating them with sticks. After all, who gets this paper leaked? How does this paper leak? Can’t our country, which is going to Moon and Mars, conduct a foolproof test?

Let us tell you, UP Police Constable Recruitment Examination was organized on 17th and 18th February. After which the news of paper leak is spreading on social media.